Lone Ranger Toy Holster Sets

Lone Ranger Toy Holster Sets Leather and Plastic.


Lone Ranger cap gun set






All the way from The Lone Ranger to John Wayne . The American west has spawned cowboy movies and old west television shows. Where the sheriff or the Marshal would face down outlaws. Travel all through the American westerns on westerns on the web . The boots, Stetson hats and Blue Jeans all made us little cowpokes want nothing but the best western toys. We would take our toys and head out into the west and our backyards would become Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California or Wyoming . When summer would come we would long to take a vacation and travel to these far off distant lands. All of us kids of course wanted a horse to saddle and call our own maybe a Paint horse or Pinto or even a Palomino. Now with modern times and computer games we have seen western video games . On westerns on the web you can take our movies and tv shows with you where ever you go . Now thanks to Apple computers all us grown up cowboys can put on our Levi Jeans pull on our Justin Boots put on a Stetson hat and hop in our Ford or Chevrolet pickup trucks and take all the wonderful western movies and tv shows with us to watch while waiting in line at our favorite Steakhouse or Mexican Food Restaurant and watch them on an iphone or ipad or itouch or ipod. Or an android or droid. Or even a kindle or kindle fire. Times have really changed! But I would venture to say had it not been for all the wonderful western movies and television shows with all the cattle and spurs and chaps. Many of the rodeo tickets would never be sold and the fast draw clubs would not even be around. The leather holster makers wouldnt be as plentiful. But there are and we like it ! Bob Terry


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